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Over the four years that the World of Springfield line of interactive figures and playsets spanned there have been a number of Frequently Asked Questions concerning the figures.


What is the World of Springfield ? (WoS)

  The World of Springfield was a line of Simpsons action figures and interactive playsets created
  by Playmates Toys that lasted from 2000 - 2004.

How many figures were created ?

  There were 203 overall figures released.  You can
click here for a full individual listing of which
  Simpsons characters were made into figures.

Can I still purchase figures and playsets ?

  Unfortunately, retail stores will no longer be carrying the World of Springfield figures and
  playsets after 2004.  You can however still find them at several locations. 
Click here to visit
  our links section for a list of websites where you can purchase remaining figures.

What types of figures and playsets were released ?

  Playmates categorized regular figures and playsets released into Series and Assortments.
  Also released were Celebrity Figures, Exclusives, Mail Aways, Vehicles, and Re-Releases.  You
click here to visit our WoS Figures section and view pics of everything that was released.

How do the figures work with the playsets ?

   Each figure has an electronic chip in it's foot or base.  When this chip comes in contact with a
   resistor found on an interactive playset, the playset will speak a line of dialogue.

Why does the picture on the packaging differ from the actual figure ?

   Pictures of figures found on the packaging for WoS products were promotional pics taken
   before the actual mass production run.  During the mass production run minor changes are
   made to figures that differ from their promotional picture.  These changes are done
   intentionally and are the same on every figure.  However, there are also some variations
   made to figures between production runs which can be
viewed here.

I found a figure not listed on the site ?  What does this mean ?

   Many custom figures have been created by fans over the years.  This is probably the type of
   figure you have found.  You can
click here to view our custom figures section and view many
   terrific customs created and submitted to the site.

Will the World of Springfield line of figures and playsets ever be brought back ?

   The line of figures has been terminated by Playmates Toys since they did not renew their
   licensing agreement with 20th Century Fox.  This does not mean that another company can't
   obtain the rights and create more figures.  Who knows what the future holds ?
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