The Simpsons Aciton Figure Information Station
The Simpsons Aciton Figure Information Station
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The Simpsons Animation Cel Information Station
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The Simpsons Action Figure Information Station is now in it's 4th amazing year.  The site was created in May 2000 by myself, Tino Persico, after hearing that Playmates was finally going to release the long awaited and much anticipated Simpsons Action Figure line.  This site was an instant hit after the first month being the only online news source for the World of Springfield Action Figures line created by Playmates Toys. Since then we have had 4 redesigns and moved from 3 different locations.  In 2001, we joined forces with the internet's greatest Simpsons site, Evergreen Terrace, as part of the 'No Homers Club' where we are here to stay.  Although ET
was C&D'd by FOX, we have continued with the site at our own internet domain address:  In 2004, the World of Springfield line of figures came to an end
but the site still remains as the leading source for figure information found on the web.


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The following designs were previous versions of the website.
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Tino Persico (Site Creator, Web Administrator, Updater) - Email

Tino has recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in the field of Information, Science and Technology from Penn State University.  Along with this site he runs
The Simpsons Animation Cel Site, The Critic Site, and helps administrate The No Homers Club forums.  He has been collecting Simpsons merchandise for over 9 years and has an extensive Simpsons Cel Art collection which includes over 18 original production cels !  "If there was any justice in the world, Tino's face would be on a bunch of crappy merchandise."
Craig Kocher (Updater, Field Reporter) - Email

Craig is an aspiring Film Writer / Director currently working on some small projects in the outer territory of Pennsylvania.  He is a true Star Wars Action Figure collector who also enjoys the World of Springfield line.  Besides collecting, Craig is a Kevin Smith fan who admires all of his work and would love to one day follow in the footsteps of such a wonderful director.  "The sweet just isn't the sweet, without the sour."
Engineernerd (Comics) - Email

Engineernerd is the extremely talented and funny man who brings the WoS to life in our
Sunday Funnies Comics section.  He is a mechanical engineer working on the cutting edge of the Hi-Tech world and is constantly trying to assimilate the world into the Nerdom that he lives in.  When he is not saving the world, he
contributes graphics and programming to several websites.  He resides in the Midwest with his lovely and talented wife and two canine prodigies.
Ryan Cave
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Ryan Cave (WoS in Motion) - Email

Ryan Cave is the man behind the fan favorite
WoS in Motion section where he brings the World of Springfield figures to life.  He is inactively pursuing a career in writing, directing, and acting while spending most of his time playing video games, working on odd projects (like the “cartoon” he contributes to this site) and fearing the real world.   He’s currently attending university and may one day make something of himself.  “Be sure to end your bio in a quote.”