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New Custom Figures - Tino

Monkey's Paw Vendor

Monkey's Paw Vendor -created by Cosmo

Many new custom figures including the Monkey's Paw Vendor (pictured above) have now been added to our Custom Figure section of the site.  The custom figures from the last contest are now added in as well.  Be sure to head on over and have a look at the new additions along with all of the archived custom figures.

The Fan Collections section once again has been updated with new pictures of fan WoS collections from around the world.  Click here for a look at collections from fellow fans of the line.

In other news, the Figure Count for the line of figures has been changed to 203.  The two added figures which we missed were re-release Moe and Mr. Burns who were both shortpacked with Series 12.  Thanks goes out to Brendan Smith for informing us of the figures which were not included on the list.

If that wasn't enough... the Sunday Funnies comic strip is back in full swing after a month long delay.  Thanks to all who emailed in with concern about it.

WoS Figure Phrase of the Moment: "I promise you victory, I promise you good times!"

- General Bart taken from Bart's Treehouse Interactive Environment 

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