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Custom Figure Contest Final Stretch - Tino

Custom Figure Contest

The Custom Figure Contest is now down to the final four figures !  Click here to view the remaining figures along with the outcasts that have been voted off thus far.  You can vote another figure out of the contest this week in the poll found on the top right of the main page.  In answer to the many people who emailed in, the weekly votes are taken from Tuesday morning till Monday night each week.

Average Schmoe

Also, the Sunday Funnies comic strip has once again been updated with Part 4 of "Average Schmoe".  Be sure to head on over for another great comic.

Finally, we would like to let viewers know that a bit of downtime for the site might occur in a week or so as we will be making some changes for your convenience.  Stay Tuned to find out what they may be.

WoS Figure Phrase of the Moment: "Tonight, you will all be transformed from dead-eyed suburbanites into white-hot greasefires of pure entertainment !"

-Llewellyn Sinclair taken from the Main Street Interactive Environment

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