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A New Design for the Ages - Tino

Our Newest Design

If you have not already noticed, we have just launched a brand NEW design for the site.  Since the bad news hit last month of Playmates stopping the World of Springfield line of figures after this year we decided to do a bit of house cleaning to archive information found within the site.  The WoS Figures section is of course now written in stone and will no longer be changed unless the figure line is picked up again in the future (very doubtful).  We thought it would be nice to put together a new design for the viewers out there who are regular viewers along with new viewers who are sure to have an interest in the line of figures now that they can see exactly what is out there to collect.  Over the next week or so all of the sections will be updated and corrected of any errors that may occur.  If you spot something wrong with the site or would like to comment on the new design please email us.

For those interested in the previous designs used for the site, you can click here to view them in the About Us section.  This new design is the 5th design in the site's four year history.

WoS Figure Phrase of the Moment: "I think those x-rays gave me super powers."

-Milhouse as Fallout Boy taken from the Lunar Base Interactive Environment

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