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The Simpsons Aciton Figure Information Station
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Winner of the Custom Figure Contest - Tino

Chester Lampwick

Congratulations to Ryan Knop who has won the 2004 Simpsons Action Figure Information Station's Custom Figure Contest.  His winning custom figure of Chester Lampwick won the final round by a small margin of victory over Surly Duff.  With this victory, Ryan will be taking home a set of Series 16 action figures thanks to the contest's sponsor Planet Action Figure.  Special thanks goes out to all who submitted figures and participated in the contest.  This year's contest was terrific and as Grampa Simpson would day "put the zowzers back our trousers".

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WoS Figure Phrase of the Moment: "There are ten pins in my heart... you've knocked over eight."

-Jacques from the Bowling Alley Interactive Environment

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