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The Simpsons Aciton Figure Information Station
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New Desktop Wallpaper Available - Tino

WoS Desktop Wallpaper

Thanks to Engineernerd we now have another desktop wallpaper available for download !  This new wallpaper features Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy in all their glory.  To download yours, head on over to the WoS Desktops section by clicking here.  If anyone would like to contribute custom WoS desktops to the site you can do so by sending them in via email.

In other news, the Sunday Funnies comic strips continue to be posted on the site for all those who follow.  You can click here to read the newest addition as "Average Schmoe" is down to the final few comic strips remaining in the story.

WoS Figure Phrase of the Moment:  "Everybody please be on your best behavior. Bart, no grifting!"

- Marge taken from the New Year's Interactive Environment


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