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The Simpsons Aciton Figure Information Station
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Sunday Funnies Start Again - Tino

Sunday Funnies

An all new comic strip has begun in our Sunday Funnies section of the site.  The comic is entitled "Average Schmoe" and is once again created by staff member Engineernerd.  You can read part one by clicking here.  (No World of Springfield figures were harmed in the making of this comic strip.)

In other news... our ongoing Custom Figure Contest has once again been updated with a new poll on the top right of the main page.  Thus far, four figures have already been eliminated and voted out of the competition.  The contest is just beginning to heat up !  Be sure to cast your vote.

WoS Figure Phrase of the Moment: "Sidewalks are for regular walkin', not for fancy walkin' !"

- Jasper taken from the Springfield Retirement Castle Interactive Environment

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