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Series 16 Figures  Assortment L Playset 

We have some more information to offer on the end of the WoS figures line in which we have previously reported.  Several online stores including Planet Action Figure who carry the WoS line of figures have reported that Series 16 will be the last full series set of figures to be released by Playmates.  The series is due out in May and will be accompanied with the Assortment L Town Square playset.  It is not likely that a mail away figure will accompany this series.  The exclusive mail away figure was supposed to be Stonecutter Wiggum.  This means that it looks like the last mail away figure in which you can send away for is Stonecutter Lenny whose mail away form can be found in Series 15 figures.  Finally, the last item ever to be released by Playmates in the WoS line will be a fifth ToysRUs exclusive Treehouse of Horror playset which is currently being negotiated at this time.  We will let you know once this is approved.  Stay Tuned.

WoS Figure Phrase of the Moment: "I can't squeal, it would violate the code of the schoolyard."

- Military Bart taken from Bart's Treehouse Interactive Environment 

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