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WoS Close Out Sales - Tino

Many readers have been emailing in with reports of WoS close out sales taking place in toy stores everywhere.  It seems that the last remaining figures still left on shelves have been re-priced to lower than ever before !  Several reports have noted that EB stores are selling figures and playsets in close-out bins located in each store.  The same has been spotted in ToysRUs stores and other department stores which carried the WoS line of figures.  If you were waiting to purchase any items, now is most likely the last chance you will have to purchase any WoS items in stores. is having some terrific close out sales that you may want to check out as well if you are an online shopper.  Be sure to view the right column on the main page of the site for some of the best deals around on what they have remaining in stock.

In other news, the Sunday Funnies comic strip continues.  Click here to read the remaining installments of the current strip "Average Schmoe".

WoS Figure Phrase of the Moment: "Would you like to come in for tea and marshmallow squares ?"

-Marge taken from the Living Room Interactive Environment


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