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Town Square Playset Arrives - Tino

Jebediah Springfield with Town Square

After a slight delay in shipping, Playset Assortment L has now been spotted in stores around the US by several viewers who were kind enough to send in the good word.  The playset which features Jebediah Springfield and the Town Square is the final new item to be released by Playmates in the World of Springfield line of figures.  The playset is being shipped in limited quantities and should sell faster than usual.  For those of you looking to pick up this final piece in the World of Springfield puzzle, be sure to head on over to Planet Action Figure where they are still taking orders for the playset.

You may be wondering what happens now ?  Well, as we have mentioned before, Playmates is not quite finished releasing figures.  They will be re-releasing several of the earlier figures from the WoS line later this year.  The planned figures for re-release are as follows: Bart, Homer, Lisa, Grampa, Smithers, Lenny, Otto, Wiggum, Krusty, Mr. Burns, Barney, Ned, Moe, Nelson and Milhouse. Each will come packed in their original packaging and include their voice chips.  Expect these to show up in stores around November.  This is a terrific opportunity for old collectors looking to fill gaps in their collections along with new collectors in search of these harder to come by figures.

WoS Figure Phrase of the Moment: "Here's a tip: put a pinch of sage in your boots and all day long a spicy scent is your reward."

-Martin Prince taken from the Android's Dungeon Interactive Environment

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