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A Toupee Production Reduces Prices - Tino has reduced the prices on their remaining World of Springfield items lower than ever before !  We have been told that this is the last of the WoS items they will be carrying online.  If you have any figures left to fill your collection be sure to pick them up while you still can.  It's unlikely that these low prices will be found again.  This looks to be the last time you will be able to find WoS figures available from an online retail store that doesn't have inflated prices.

The biggest new sale drop in price has been on the Tracy Ullman Flashback set which is now selling for just $9.98 !

Below is a list of all of the remaining WoS items available for sale at rock bottom prices.

Tracy Ullman Flashback Set - $9.98
Future Burns - $12.98
Bart's Treehouse - $16.98
Aztec Theater - $11.98
Courtroom - $9.98
KBBL Set - $9.98
Re-Release Set 2 - $8.98
Military Antique Shop - $8.98
Re-Release Set 3 - $8.98
Moes Tavern - $19.98
Other Clearance Bin Figures - $3.99 - $7.99

WoS Figure Phrase of the Moment: "Excuse me, no banging your head on the display case, please !"

-Comic Book Guy taken from the Comic Book Shop Interactive Environment

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